All-Natural Choices for Personal Lubricants

Silicone and most water-based lubricants contain chemicals, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Some people have no problem with that fact and are content to choose these lubricants for personal use. Those with allergies or sensitive skin may prefer lubricants that are made of all-natural and organic ingredients. Simple is often better because there is no need to add extra items to the product.

Common Kitchen Oils

Olive, canola, and coconut oils are natural and effective lubricants that are found in most kitchens. These are inexpensive, eliminate the cost of a separate product for lubrication, and can also be warmed to use as a massage oil. The convenience means any time can become an intimate moment. No planning is required because there will always be one or more of these oils on hand.

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Added Benefits

Coconut oil, for example, is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. Free radicals are uncharged molecules that accumulate in the body and can lower the sex drive. It also smells wonderful, tastes great, and is gluten-free. This is a common ingredient in lubricants, such as woo lubricant, that can be purchased online.

Buying Personal Products Online

If buying online, be sure to look at all the ingredients of a product. Many manufacturers offer all-natural products but add several filler ingredients that lower the quality. Look for products that have a few ingredients that are recognizable. If there is something in it you cannot pronounce, think twice before using it as a personal lubricant.

An example of an organic product with simple ingredients can be found online at woomoreplay. The coconut oil lubricant offered contains four organic ingredients:

Coconut oil




Store it at room temperature so it is ready to be used whenever you and your partner need it.

Take Note

There is some information that is important to keep in mind. Oil-based lubricants can interfere with the natural pH balance of the vagina, causing yeast infections in women who are prone to them. This type of lubricant is not safe for use with latex condoms because tears and breaks may occur. If a reaction is noticed after use, stop using the product and seek other options.

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